Flexible Manufacturing

Klassen Custom Fabricating has the manufacturing capabilities to fabricate the most complex designs for your most demanding projects. Klassen will build fabrications to supplied prints or to sketches developed by our field engineers.

You Provide your Own Design

Klassen’s Team of Engineers Design it for You


Design & Engineering

At Klassen Custom Fabricating, our experienced field engineers turn your needs into finished designs. If no plans are provided, Klassen field engineers will take all the necessary measurements and sketches required for quotation and finished design.

You can rely on Klassen to produce the field engineering designs needed for fabrication and then manage the project through to installation.

Klassen provides expert field engineering for machine guarding, sound enclosures, stairways, mezzanines, and general metal fabrication. Our field engineers can suggest improvements or alternatives if needed. We can recommend improvements in areas of assembly, maintenance, and accessibility.

You can count on Klassen’s field engineering to oversee the design, delivery, and installation of your project.


Our Services


Custom Sheet Metal Forming

Water Jet Cutting


Laser Cutting


Power Coat

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Klassen Custom Fab. Inc. is committed to providing custom sheet metal fabrications to all customers. Our commitment to ISO 9001 assures our customers a reliable management system, designed to deliver quality products that will be delivered in a timely manner and within budget.

This is achieved through teamwork, training and continual improvement.

We’re Certified in Quality



We can make ANYTHING out of steel!

Our highly skilled work force will design, co-ordinate, fabricate and install your next steel project to meet customer requirements.

Our Equipment

Sheetmetal Forming

  • Trumpf 5170 w/10ft bed
  • Trumpf 5320 w/14ft bed
  • Trumpf 5170 w/14ft bed
  • Schroeder Max4 Evolution CNC Folder Machine 158”W x 180”L bed
  • Sampson Three Roll Bending Machine 60”L ¼” Max thickness to roll

Metal Cutting Machines

  • Trumpf Laser49 (tl3030) – 4000 watt w/60”x12” bed
  • Trumpf Laser20 (tl3040) – 5000 watt w/84”x162” bed
  • Cincinnati Laser (CL956C)
  • Messer Plasma/Torch Model No. Titan 10-16-6278 w/162″x100″ bed
  • Omax Waterjet Cutting Machine w/60″x120″ bed
  • Rebel Pro Shear 1/4″x10″

Welding Machines

  • 23 – Mig welding machines
  • 4 – Tig welding machines
  • 4 – Stud welding machines
  • 2 – Spot welding machines


  • Fryer CNC Mill – Model VB-80
  • Fryer CNC Milling Machine – Model VB-100
  • Fryer CNC Slant Bed Lathe – Model SL-10
  • ProtoTrak CNC Mill FHM5 & FHM7 P/N 25083
  • Trak Bed CNC Mill ProtoTrak SMX CNC P/N 24495

Material Handling

  • 6 – 5 Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 6 – Jib Crane
  • 3 – 6000lb Clark/Nissan Forklifts
  • 1 – 12,000lb Clark Forklift
  • 1 – Walkie Pallet Lift (Crown)


  • 2 – Spray Booths for Paint & Powder-Coat (Booth #1 12’W x 10’H x 28’L, Booth #2 14’W x 10’H x 28’L)
  • 2 – Power Coating Machines
  • Batch Oven 14’W x 10’H x 30’L

Misc Equipment

  • 3 – Band Saws
  • Haeger Pem Stud Machine 824
  • Patriot 2 Deburring & Finishing Machine
  • Sweco Finishing Mill
  • 4 – FlexArm Tapping Machines
  • 3 – Power Washers
  • Polishing Machine


  • 1 – Pick-up Truck
  • 2 – Flatbed Trucks 26’
  • 1 – Tractor w/ 53’ Trailer
  • 1 – Roadclipper Flatbed Trailer 24′

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