Washer Housing Fabrication

Klassen Custom Fabricating manufactures custom washer housings for industrial part and pallet washers. Klassen is well experienced with washer housing fabrications. We build and deliver to your supplied washer housing specifications. We have 35,000 sq. ft. of floor space available to fabricate large complex washer housings and support frames.

Washer Housing with rotary table

Washer Housing with Monorail

This washer housing fabrication has an overhead monorail where parts travel through the washer hanging from a trolley. The upper housing has access doors along both sides. The tank has cleanout doors on the side. Pump and filter cut outs on the side.

Washer Housing with Rotary Table

This sheet metal washer housing encloses a rotary table which holds parts as they rotate through the wash and blow off stations. It also has interchangeable upper access doors and the clean out doors on the tank. Various fittings and flanges have been welded in the tank.

Washer Housing with rotary table

Washer housings and frames can be fabricated from mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Custom washer housings can include clean-out doors, clamp and seal doors, marine doors, and roll-back doors. Your washer housing will include all flange mounts and couplings for piping as specified. Klassen can provide pre-assembly of supplied items.

Washer Housing Part Fixtures

Klassen can provide associated fixtures, blow off assemblies, conveyors, and washer fixtures all pre-assembled and ready for final installation.

Intermediate Inspection and Testing

Low Profile Washer HousingLow Profile Washer Housing

Low Profile Washer Housing

Low profile washer housing shown during fabrication.

Washer housing fabrications are planned, built, and tested in stages to allow for your intermediate inspection. A leak test is performed after the base welding is complete.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery times vary per project depending on washer housing complexity.

For washer housing fabrications, contact our office to arrange an on-site visit to review your requirements.