Sound Enclosures

Klassen Custom Fabricating designs and manufactures custom sound enclosures. Klassen can manufacture sound enclosures from sketches produced by our field engineers or from supplied prints. Klassen will quote, design, fabricate, and install sound enclosures.

Field Engineering

Klassen field engineers are available to work with you to design a sound enclosure that meets your needs. Klassen will design to your sound engineering specifications and make provisions for the acoustic materials you specify.

Flexible Installation

We offer a flexible installation schedule for sound enclosures. With our flexible delivery, we are able to pre-install sound enclosure sections as required.

Flexible Delivery

If you require custom sound enclosures to be installed on a tight schedule, we can work to accommodate your deadline.

For custom sound enclosures, contact our office to arrange an on-site visit to review your sound enclosure requirements.