Machine Guarding

Klassen Custom Fabricating supplies and installs sheet metal machine guarding and enclosures. Our machine guarding services include field engineering, design, fabrication, and installation. We supply entire machine guarding packages, retools, or partial upgrades as required.

Machine Guarding for Horizontal Mill

Machine Guarding for Horizontal Mill

Sheet metal machine guarding for this horizontal milling machine includes large windows for natural light. An operator platform with access stairway was fabricated around the twin pallet changer.

 Safety Machine Guarding for Robot Cell

Machine Guarding for Robot Cell

PVC coated, wire mesh safety guarding is shown around the robot cell. Light sensor mounting brackets are on load station opening. The assembled guarding is mounted on the machine frame.

We can provide quotations to print packages or base quotations on measurements supplied by our field engineering team. Quotations for machine guarding include complete field engineering, design, fabrication, and installation as required.

Field Engineering and Design

Our field engineers can provide on-site recommendations to improve existing and new machine guarding projects. We can make recommendations in areas of design, assembly, maintenance, and accessibility.

Klassen fabricates various types of guarding systems such as mesh guarding, solid panels, sliding doors, fixed panels, removable tunnel roof tops and lift and turn door assemblies. Klassen also fabricates balconies, raised platforms and staircases that are commonly incorporated into the building of a machine tool.

Innovative Sheet Metal Machine Guarding

Klassen's machine guarding designs include many improvements over standard machine guarding designs. For example: Our window retention systems are innovatively designed to provide superior sealing qualities and ease of window replacement. (Traditional rubber glass setting channels tend to break down with coolants.)

Our lift and turn door systems are simple and reliable, eliminating expensive component and maintenance costs.

Where possible, Klassen provides large door openings. The increased accessibility and end user design make it easier to both operate and maintain equipment.

Machine Guarding for Single Cell Machine

Machine Guarding for Single Cell Machine

This sheet metal machine guarding features triple sliding doors that can slide to either side to allow greater access into the machine. Overlapping corner doors open to expose the entire corner.

Flexible Delivery

We offer flexible delivery and installation. If you require custom machine guarding and are working to a tight schedule, we can accommodate a delivery date that meets your deadline. We also offer installation support for project launches.

Contact our office to arrange an on-site visit to review your machine guarding requirements.