Hydraulic Tanks and Coolant Reservoirs

Klassen Custom Fabricating manufactures hydraulic tanks and coolant reservoirs. Your custom hydraulic tank will be fabricated to the size and shape needed for your application.

Coolant Tank

Large Coolant Tank

This 1500 gallon coolant tank has welded-in fittings, couplings, and lifting lugs.

Hydraulic Tanks built for your application

Hydraulic tanks and coolant reservoirs are made in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Klassen commonly builds tanks in sizes ranging from five gallons (25 l) to 1500 gallons (7000 l) and larger. Hydraulic tanks are custom fabricated in plain carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The hydraulic tank, baffles, frame, and drip pan are custom-made to your specifications.

Hydraulic tanks are fabricated complete with fittings, couplings, sight gauges, filler openings, clean outs, and motor stand as specified. All hydraulic tanks undergo a leak test during the fabrication process. Your finished hydraulic tank will be painted to your requirements.

Hydraulic Tank Reservoir

Custom Hydraulic Tank

Custom hydraulic tank without drip pan. The tank includes a variety of fittings, couplings and flanges on top and on the side. It includes a cut out for a top-mount pump.

Custom Hydraulic Tank

Custom Hydraulic Tank

Hydraulic tank with drip pan. This hydraulic tank has a hinged access door, a pump mount cut out, and various weld-in couplings on top and on the side. The tank includes struts welded on one end to mount controls.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery times vary per project depending on hydraulic tank complexity. If you need a fast delivery, we have the flexibility to commit to a firm date.

For a quote on a hydraulic tank or coolant reservoir, contact our office and ask about our fast flexible delivery.

Klassen Custom Fabricating is ISO 9001 certified.