Field Engineering

At Klassen Custom Fabricating, our experienced field engineers turn your needs into finished designs. If no plans are provided, Klassen field engineers will take all the necessary measurements and sketches required for quotation and finished design.

You can rely on Klassen to produce the field engineering designs needed for fabrication and then manage the project through to installation.

Machine Guarding for Transfer Machine

Machine Guarding for Transfer Machine

This project was managed through to installation.

The machine guarding encloses an inline transfer machine for transmission parts. The machine-length guarding above the transfer stations encloses the pipes and wiring and serves as a drip pan for all the pipework.

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Field Engineering Sketch

Portion of a Field Engineering Sketch

Examples of Field Engineering Sketchesfield sketches in pdf format: Sketch 1 ; Sketch 2 ; Sketch 3; Sketch 4

Field Engineering Expertise

Klassen provides expert field engineering for machine guarding, sound enclosures, stairways, mezzanines, and general metal fabrication.

In-field Recommendations

Our field engineers can suggest improvements or alternatives if needed. We can recommend improvements in areas of assembly, maintenance, and accessibility.

You can count on Klassen's field engineering to oversee the design, delivery, and installation of your project. Contact our office to arrange an on-site visit to review your requirements.